Archive: April 2011

7 Apr

I won’t get into detail on the happenings of Saturday night. Alcohol + Music + Clubs is really all I need to say.   Sunday was the day everyone had been looking forward to more than anything. Again, weather wasn’t the greatest but at least there wasn’t any heavy downpour…

6 Apr

More than anything, I was looking forward to visiting the theme parks. Gold Coast is popularly known for their long-stretched beautiful beaches, which would’ve been the highlight of our excursion, despite the fact that it was muggy and damp all weekend. As some may know it, the next best popular…

1 Apr

Flight went smooth. Though there were a couple of people on the flight who was sitting around me talking loudly over the seats, I managed to sleep most of the way on the 2 hour flight. As soon as we got our of the airport, there it was. As expected…