It’s been a while since I last blogged. A long long while in fact.

Vlogging has been really interesting for me lately. Its fun thinking up the ideas, reenacting the scenes, editing the footage, and then receiving great feedback from viewers.

Anyways, in my last update, I mentioned posting up a video before I leave for my family vacation tomorrow. Complications arose and unfortunately I won’t be able to do so. Hopefully I’ll be back from vacation with fresh new ideas and a good pack-punch new vlogs.

Definitely gonna make a vacation video while I’m gone. Sorta like the Mt. Buller trip segment I made earlier thisyear. Nothing overly dramatic or anything, just some good ol’ family fun.

So I’ve packed my bags and I’m possibly ready to go (I’m so gonna forget something). A full day of traveling on a plane. I wanna say I’m already sick of traveling, but I’m counting my blessings for the opportunities I receive to travel.

Off for two weeks now.

See ya soon ;)