I won’t get into detail on the happenings of Saturday night. Alcohol + Music + Clubs is really all I need to say.


Sunday was the day everyone had been looking forward to more than anything. Again, weather wasn’t the greatest but at least there wasn’t any heavy downpour.

Waking up early, everyone got ready to leave the apartment by 10am. Equiped with towels, boardies, bathers and sun tan lotion, we were ready for an epic day at Wet & Wild!




As we got into the park, we packed up our bags and clean clothes into a singular locker and went on our way to enjoy a day of Sun and Water!

This however meant that we didn’t take photos


It didn’t matter, these memories are securely inscribed into my brain.


Highlights of the Day:

  • Vanesa and Mitch decided to join us at the park, which was really sweet of them.
  • Tish, Vanesa, Mitch and I got split up from the rest of the group for half the day.
  • Mitch’s towel almost flew off into uncharted territory
  • Micah and I slid down the Mach 5 about 5 times consecutively
  • Hugged a “free hugs” girl, who gave me a look of disgust



Wet & Wild was definitely the highlight of my trip. As much as I love theme parks and roller coasters, just add water slides and that’s what I call a wonderland.


But fun didn’t stop after we left Wet & Wild. Micah and Tish wanted to keep the adrenaline up and got off a bus station early to ride the SlingShot, which was literally 2 streets down from our apartment.



It was our final night, and we needed to celebrate the occasion with a dinner to top off all dinners. But dissapointing as it was, nothing could top Hooters, so we went for the next best thing.

Fresh Seafood. At The Lazy Lobster.

Everyone had their main. Food was immaculate. But the most exciting thing was the seafood platter to share. It was a FEAST to feed… a hell lot of people!



We finished most of the fresh goods, but felt sick to the stomach when trying to whallop the golden deep-fried yummies. But all in all a worthy dinner to end the weekend.


The night didn’t end there. At least not for the majority of us. Shon and Tish were dead tired and whacked the beds as soon as we got home. The 5 of us still awake decided to finish whatever was left of the alcohol.



After a few rounds of “Chor Dai Di” (card games translated as Magic Big 2), we decided to switch to charades after being inspired by Tish’s ability to communicate throughout dinner when she lost her voice.

This was yet another event I cannot get into details, as there was just too much craziness that went on that night. But if I had to sum it up, this would be the perfect image.



Monday was a bitch. It was like GoldCoast shoved a giant finger to our faces whilst LOLing hard. Sun was up, temperature was warm and not a single cloud in the sky. We got trolled hard.


We made use of the limited sunlight we got and spent a good 15 minutes at the beach taking photographs. Couldn’t do much else as we had only a couple moments left before we had to head to the airport.



And you know what? Our flight was delayed. Giant fuck you indeed.



So we ended up playing more Chor Dai Di.


And that was our Q’land tripped summarised into a 4 part story.