Archive: May 2011

23 May

A little excerpt about the online me that may be good to know. Well, maybe not literally LMAOing, but you know what I mean… lol

19 May

Today I received a message on Facebook. I am not going to disclose his name just in case its breaches some kind of privacy law in Finland. Anyway, it just makes me happy to see a video I posted up on the internet over 3 years ago still bring a…

12 May

This is the funniest thing I’ve read all week!! I know its a fake conversation, but the creativity that she pulled off throughout the board was hilariously brilliant. I bet all designers wish they could be able to do this IRL. I know I would! Source:

11 May

Source: JellyVampire @ DeviantArt   Beautiful piece of art and story that I just had to share!  

11 May

A few days ago, I tweeted this. Although I’ve lived in Australia for 8 years, the simplest things still seem to surprise me. I guess that’s what you expect from being raised in a third world developing country. In Malaysia, we still use what we call a bas mini. Not…

10 May

Over the weekend, the temperature in Melbourne took a huge dive. This morning officials announced that the minimum recorded temperature last night was 5 degrees celcius. I may have some readers who would right now be thinking, “What…?! Wait til you experience [insert name of country here], where streams of…

6 May

I actually lol a little inside everytime I think about this. A couple weeks back, Eric posted a photo on facebook that got me chuckling quietly to myself. He had just gotten his iPad 2 and whilst logged into facebook, he instantly took a screen shot of this.    …

5 May

I like reminiscing about my childhood. It always brings back feelings and emotions that I don’t know if I’m capable of feeling anymore. You know, that childhood innocence you see in a child’s eyes, sort of like a nervous curiousity. Ah, the simpler times when the absolute worst thing that…