Day #2 was a significant improvement! Although lag issues weren’t 100% resolved, the Valve/Steam team did manage to keep it at a minimal.

Once again, I didn’t manage to catch all streamed matches, but the 2 games I did catch was glorious and undignified!

Nevo is one of Denmarks two representatives.

MUFC – well you guessed it – is Malaysia’s only representative!

Malaysia Boleh! Must have pride in your own country mah…

Having horrible lost 0-3 in the group stages, MUFC came back with a vengeance that startled all spectators, including the commentators. It was an epic battle of pride, dignity and most of all respect!

MUFC was fearless from the get-go, making snap decisions early game to tower dive whenever possible and taking huge risks in their overall gameplay, which ultimately paid off by securing themselves a spot in Round 2.


The game lasted a solid 50 minutes before a victor was decided.

My favourite moment happened at 35:00 minutes in (final screenshot above) when both teams had a 5v5 clash. MUFC was ready to push and tower dived beyond the 1st tier mid tower, catching one of Nevo’s heros in the process. After succeedingly crippling Nevo’s team down to four players, MUFC fell back into the jungle and Nevo seeing an opportunity tried to counter-initiate. Chen casted his ulti to heal the entire team, saving Lion from getting killed. Lion turned back to stun Nevo’s Anti Mage. Getting constantly attacked by the nearby 1st tier tower, Lion was downto less than 10% health and retreated behind some trees. Anti Mage tried to seize the opportunity by chasing down Lion and blinked behind to catch Lion offguard. Reacting quickly, Lion pulled off a sweet juke between the trees, and by a split second, casted a hex on Anti-Mage before Anti-Mage could cast the finishing blow from an auto-attack.

It was truly epic. Unfortunately, the VOD replay missed out on most of the action described above! :(

More matches being played tonight. Times listed is at GMT+2.

Malaysia is GMT+8, making it 6 hours ahead of the scheduled time.

Don’t miss out as MUFC goes against OK Nirvana International for a shot to progress to Round 3!


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