The Mister Mode Fashion Night Market event is less than 7 days away, and both Tish and I have been drilling our little butts off trying to get everything organized in time for the big day.

Promo, merchandise, advertising, financials, media. The list goes on.

We’re fully pumped, and we hope the Mister Mode army are too, ’cause I know you will come and go with a bang!

Mister Mode Fashion Night Market is an event that integrates more than just a great night out with friends. Providing the best elements of Music, DJs, Dance & Cocktails, the best of Mister Mode happens when you find out the event caters to Melbourne’s finest FASHION BARGAINS showcasing new and pre-loved clothing & accessories in one of the many hidden warehouse locations Melbourne has to offer.

Get ready troopers, as the curtains are drawn, the fireworks ignite, and the parades begin, as everyone joins The Mister Mode March on Saturday 3rd September 2011!

Tickets are on sale now which can be purchased directly from me. Either contact me at or leave a message in the comment section below.

For more info on the event, visit the Mister Mode: Facebook Events Page! More than 300 attending and counting…

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