The last two months have been an ardeous adventure for Tish and I in anticipation for the launch of Melbourne’s one-of-a-kind night event.

The Mister Mode Fashion Night Market was held on Saturday the 3rd of September 2011, just preceeding the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week two days after.

Held in a secret warehouse location at Melbourne’s prime local – Chapel St, South Yarra – the event boistered a line-up of booze, music, deejays, socialites and SHOPPING!

Decorated on the walls & ceilings were graffiti-stained prints, crimped-dangling wires and half-torn posters.

Half the venue lit up; the other half in strobe-light darkness.

Setting the mood at the center of the dancefloor were generation old TV-sets, each duplicated to display screens of restrospective clips from the ages.

As 8pm approached, each stallholder could be seen frantically rearranging their goods-for-sale as the first wave of attendees walked through the front doors.

With over 25 variety stalls set up side-by-side, the venue invited patrons to shuffle across the entire market before making way their way to the dance floor.

Blazers, skirts, necklaces, shades, ribbons, earrings, denim, boots, hoodies and even a badminton racket was all on display and up for grabs at bargain prices.

Located at the far corner of the market was a pearl-white limousine and a large 30-seater bus brewing an endless source of thirst-quenching refreshments throughout the entire night.

Yes, thats right – a bus that serves alcohol right out of its window!

A booze bus.

Not a booze bust. A booze bus! A double conundrum. Get it…? ;)

That’s me trying on a pair of shades. I didn’t buy it but looking back at the photos now, I really wish I did!

That’s my sister, Bella, also trying on a pair of shades from the same stall.

This is the Mister Mode stall. We even set up a changing room behind us!

Remember the Mister Mode bags I spray painted a few weeks back?
Well, a purchase from any stall landed you a free Mister Mode goodie bag!

There was even a Hot Dog stand! Beer and hotdogs to appease the less fashion-savvy. What more can you ask for?

After the initial setup, the rest of the night pretty much ran itself.

Patrons were shopping.

Music was pumping.

Stalls were promoting.

Shopkeepers were assisting.

People were mingling.

The night ran for a good solid 5 and a half hours.

As the venue started to clear up, the unfamiliar faces slowly dissapeared through the exits and all that was left was the company of everyone who helped make the event the success it was.

Hands were lent by everybody who voluntarily pitched in to clean up the venue.

Mind you, all we did was fold tables and racks.

(From left to right; top to bottom) Moogs, Eric, Tish, Micah, Laura, Margie, Bryan, Najah, Javier, Adam (me) and Bella.

What started out in June as a single-handed project, the Mister Mode Fashion Night Market would not have made such an impact if it wasn’t for the all the people that got involved.

A gallery of photos can be found on the Mister Mode Gallery website or on the Mister Mode Facebook Page.

And who’s the one that started it all?

That’s my sister Tish!

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