Spring is here!

Although the weather hasn’t been up to expectations lately, last Sunday proved otherwise.

Having spent the previous two weekends couped up indoors due to wet weather, there was no way I was going to pass up this wonderful opportunity to spend the day outdoors in my backyard photosynthesizing.

Having spent most of my winter couped up indoors, the house literally wreaked of food and body odour.

The smell wasn’t the only thing that bothered me. It was definitely high time to get some indoor air quality testing sorted out while I enjoyed the touch of the warm sun stroking my skin.

While we sat there tanning to acheive our desired colour, the bunch of us spent most of the afternoon sipping on aqua vitae and munching through bags on chips…

…whilst shuffling through classic-favourites on an old-skool iPod.

And what better way to celebrate the beautiful weather than to whip out the BBQ pit…

Chicken skewers, garlic bread, chicken wings, sausages, lamb cutlets and onions!

Not forgetting the condiments and bread slices.

So as the sun went down, the warm air turned cold and once again we bulked up in clothing.

With night falling, the delicious smell of the BBQ turned into pure satisfaction for our rumbling tummies.

I’m only hoping we have many more days like this to just kick back and relax! :)