Archive: January 2012

27 Jan

Of all the festive celebrations that come and go through the year, my favourite of all would have to be Chinese New Year. Families & friends host open houses, celebrating the joyous event with lots of food, drinks and warm smiles. The color of red flood the streets, buildings are…

19 Jan

Hope you enjoyed my first ever Rage comic! :) — So I woke up today only to find that the Twitter-sphere was trending on SOPA & PIPA. A couple months ago I wrote a short post and joined the protest against SOPA by including a censorship strip over the…

17 Jan

A long awaited message to all readers: HAPPY NEW YEAR! — 3 weeks went by as quickly as I expected. My trip back to Malaysia was insightful, to say the least. Despite the holidays being over, one does not simply restart from where one left off. I’ve struggled to…