A couple of months back I put up a post about a guy who had developed a software that makes music using only bodily gestures on a kinect.

I remember watching the show in pure awe and then overcoming a feeling of amazement. Not only did it open me up to the idea of endless possibilities we may face in our lifetime, but seeing it feverously performed as if it was brought back in time to this modern day only proved that it could happen sooner than we think!

Chris Vik , developer of the Kinectar software that allows users to program music through the use of the Kinect’s XYZ-axis, held a public demonstration at the Royal Melbourne Hotel last Friday (24.02.2012).

Performing as Synaecide, a name Chris gave himself that he uses as an internet alias, his demonstration consisted of a 15 minute performance in front of a large projected screen displaying the Kinectar software, wich then followed by a round of QnA’s with the audience.

Oh yea, did I forget to mention that he lives next door to me!

When I first met Chris, he was just some dude next door that I would exchange greetings to whenever I was taking out the trash. Since then, the bond between us has grown into a friendship of unexpected house appearances, nerd talk and jumping fences like a boss neighbour.

Chris is a genuine guy with genuine interests. Music is his love, and technology is his passion. His motto speaks for itself. “I Love The Future,” he tells me whenever we get deep into a conversation about the prospects of modern technology.And he’s right, imagine the things we use daily that we take for granted. 5 years ago, the prospects of a touchscreen seem like a lifetime away! Now we are able to control many of our devices with voice commands and action gestures.

The video below showcases a small snippet of Chris’s performance.

[*Warning: You may want to turn your volume down and adjust accordingly because it starts off really loud]

Chris is currently working on a number of projects to help him propel his development to a larger scale. If you find his work interesting, please share it! You never know who’s watching.

If you want to know more, you can visit:

  • Kinectar.org – Learn about the trackin software he uses. Free download available if your interested in having a play yourself.
  • Chris Vik’s Blog – Find out when he performs next, what projected ideas are coming and what to expect!
  • Synaecide on Myspace – A display of produced tracks and the music he makes.