Category: Culture

19 Sep

An improv challenge between 4 different Malaysians.

11 Aug

Saya bersama SeanLJE berbincang pasal perbezaan bahasa orang KL sama bahasa orang Sabah.

4 Aug

Emmanuel & I speak about the differences in how we use English as a way to communicate with our peers, family and friends.

28 Apr

Met up with an old mate in the land down under, and I tried to sound him in the ways of a Malaysian!

1 Apr

Met up with my dei macha before I poda back to Sabah. Checkout Vikar on YouTube:

27 Mar

Check out other #Advoc8: YouTube Edition videos: “#NoPriceOnPeople” by Weekenders – “Invisible Shackles” by TheFOPS – “SEX!” by The Salad Show – “500 Days” by Tiiral – “How Well Do You Know Human Trafficking” by SeanLJE – Project Liber8 –

3 Mar

Production vlog / behind-the-scenes of “if OLA BOLA was written by ORANG SABAH” Watch it here:

26 Feb

Fantastic movie! but here’s a few things I would do differently… Thank you to everyone involved in this weeks video. You guys are amazing! ~~~~~~ CREDITS ~~~~~~ Production Manager: Moses Wong Director of Photography: Valentine Chong Starring: Calista Liew ( William Chiang Moses Wong Kamarul Ayien ( Timothy Stephen Harold…