Category: Family

15 Jul

The sisters have taken over my vlog!

5 Jul

Was in KL last weekend, when something strange happened!

1 May

After already growing up with two younger sisters, I wished and wished for a younger brother… not this!

17 Feb

My second sister Izzy (Isabella) can be a little… dare I say… bimbo?

6 Jan

My 11 year old cousin Tania was around and I asked her if she wanted to play “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?”. Spontaneously we filmed this video about an hour before Tania had to leave for the airport.

15 Oct

It’s Monday, and that means back to work after a good 2 week break. ‘Tis the true definition of Monday blues! Well, my sister Tish from Melbourne flew back to Malaysia for a wedding of a close childhood friend. Though the wedding only lasted a few days, she made use…

16 Feb

Thanks for the life you provided to your family. Although I will probably never understand the struggles you’ve been through in your life, it makes me feel proud and humbled to be a part of your life. You are a mother of 12,  a grandmother to many more, and on top…

27 Jan

Of all the festive celebrations that come and go through the year, my favourite of all would have to be Chinese New Year. Families & friends host open houses, celebrating the joyous event with lots of food, drinks and warm smiles. The color of red flood the streets, buildings are…