Category: Humour

19 Sep

An improv challenge between 4 different Malaysians.

11 Aug

Saya bersama SeanLJE berbincang pasal perbezaan bahasa orang KL sama bahasa orang Sabah.

4 Aug

Emmanuel & I speak about the differences in how we use English as a way to communicate with our peers, family and friends.

1 Jul

My sister Kye & I take on different Asian & Western English speaking accents.

27 Aug

I tend to mix up Malay and English at the worst of times! Especially when I’m under pressure and don’t know what to say…

1 Aug

This is a story about one of the more awkward and embarrassing moments I’ve been in recently.

15 Jul

The sisters have taken over my vlog!

5 Jul

Was in KL last weekend, when something strange happened!