Category: Memory Lane

20 Dec

My coming out story.

15 Jan

This is a repost of a video I uploaded 4 years ago back when I was still living in Australia and feeling more homesick than ever.

31 Dec

It’s the last day of 2011 and it’s time to round up treasured moments throughout this blessed year. Cliche as it is, I will countdown the top 11 memoirs over the course of 2011 to my most cherished memory of them all. Let’s begin. 11. Getting back into Web…

8 Nov

Hi Tish, It’s a fact that I’ve literally been there since you was born, and I’m sure, being my sister and all, you know that somewhere packed inside my head is a story we’ve both consciously tried to forget. Which is why I’m surprised you chose me for this job…

14 Sep

I clearly remember when my interest in web development began; I was only 10 years old. There was no such thing as Broadband or ADSL. The familiar buzz of a 56k modem through the Windows Dial-Up application was so distinct, I can even repeat it now. Beeeep, booooop, buuuuuuup… beep…

26 Jul

Wow, it’s been 3 years since that snow trip Tish and I took up to Mount Buller in 2008. Gawd, fun times indeed. There were 6 of us. Ian, Lynn, Steph, Kat, Tish and I. Only deciding to spend a day in the snow, we took a 4 hour bus…

5 May

I like reminiscing about my childhood. It always brings back feelings and emotions that I don’t know if I’m capable of feeling anymore. You know, that childhood innocence you see in a child’s eyes, sort of like a nervous curiousity. Ah, the simpler times when the absolute worst thing that…

24 Mar

Just recently, I found myself scrolling through pages of my memoirs: my Xanga. As embarassing as it was to read my thoughts and experiences, it was really quite uplifting to relive the memories that got me through my first couple of years here in Australia.   Omg what was I…