Category: Rambles

17 Jun

It’s not easy to even think about it let alone talk about it, but I’m ready to share a story with you.

8 Mar

With the recent invasion of Sabah, we need to be prepared in case trouble takes a turn for the worse. Here are 5 ways that you should (not) take seriously! DISCLAIMER: The examples in this video are intended as comical relief. If you are easily offended, then you might need…

30 Nov

Here’s a quick update to fill in the one video a week quota that quite honestly I have no-such obligation to fulfil but still do because Adam wants luvsss <333 Well anyway, I had an initial plan this week to record a parody cover of a popular animated song by…

16 Nov

2 years down the track, and I’m still pumped! Can’t wait to start driving off in full gear :)

4 Nov

Didn’t have much luck in the kitchen this week. Kitchen appliances had something against me! Bad toaster…. bad!

31 Oct

This week I question the motive behind the¬†benevolent¬†Malaysian stare. Superficiality, or ignorance? What do you think?  

22 Oct

This week I ponder on a childhood dream that I struggled to accept that it could never happen. A dreadful day it was when I came to realize this :( But dare I say the question will always heavily resonate in everyone’s mind. So, what is your ideal super power…

13 Apr

Mentioned Links: Jessie J performs “Mama Knows Best” in her Bedroom Kina Grannis YouTube Channel Ollie Brown performs “Bedford Ave” on the streets of Sydney Ollie Brown’s YouTube Channel   Professor Green (opening act for Jessie J) Jessie J performing “Who You Are” Jessie J performing “Do It Like A…