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Life in Melbourne

Life in Melbourne

Earned an Australian permanent residency and relocated to Melbourne.

Engaged in professional work as a video editor & producer across the city.


SWEPA Barefoot Project

The Illiterate Grandmother Who Became a Solar Engineer

In November 2013, Sabah Women Entrepreneurs & Professionals Association connected with Barefoot College India in hopes to empower underdeveloped communities within its region. The following year, the SWEPA-Barefoot initiative successfully funded Tarihing Masanim, an illiterate grandmother, and advocated for her travel to India for 6 months. This is her story.

Visit the SWEPA Barefoot Solar Project blog for more information:



A speaker at independently organized TED event “TEDxKotaKinabalu”, covering the topic of media in society and how online media significantly impacts our everyday lives in context of the Malaysian state of Sabah.


Back to School

Invested a year into building up the skills in the development of film & video production at North Lake College in Dallas, Texas.


Freedom Film Festival 2015 – Best SEA Short Film Winner

In collaboration with Sabah Film Academy

Part of the team behind the documentary short-film “LIVING IN THE DRAINS” on being a stateless migrant in the Malaysian state of Sabah, Borneo.

Web Development

Web Development

Began providing professional services as a web developer, covering Web Design, Social Media Marketing and Digital Distribution.





20 Dec

My coming out story.

5 Dec

Do you want to come inside?

19 Sep

An improv challenge between 4 different Malaysians.

29 Mar

Smoking pot a.k.a cannabis/ marijuana in Amsterdam, The Netherlands during my Eurotrip in 2016.

20 Sep

In this vlog, we summarize our entire Eurotrip and play a game of QnA to reminisce the wonderful weeks we had!

15 Sep

In this vlog, the Tambakau siblings restart again at Barcelona airport, explore Berlin’s history on foot, learn about the Berlin wall & visit the delectably notorious Bite Club Berlin.

13 Sep

In this vlog, Tish confesses her unfortunate circumstances, Adam meets Colin and hikes Montjuic, and the siblings reunite for a skating adventure around scenic Barcelona with local rollerblader Ivan.

12 Sep

In this vlog, we eat Spanish Paella, Adam visits Barcelona’s Camp Nou & Tish takes on a Spanish cooking class in Valencia.


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