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GoGreat 2017

GoGreat 2017

Shared insight as part of a panelist at GoGreat 2017, Sabah’s largest entrepreneurial & innovations convention, held at Sutera Harbour Magellan Resort in May 2017.


Alongside on the panel was Richard Ker – founder of North Borneo Historical Society, Deiseree Estelle Daniel – founder of Love Lusie Enterprise, and Jazmi Izwan Jamal – Dean of Animations & Multimedia ASWARA.


“How Innovation Preserves Culture & Arts?” was our topic of discussion.


The Illiterate Grandma Who Became a Solar Engineer

In November 2013, Sabah Women Entrepreneurs & Professionals Association connected with Barefoot College India in hopes to empower underdeveloped communities within its region. The following year, the SWEPA-Barefoot initiative successfully funded Tarihing Masanim, a grandmother from Kampung Sonsogon Magandai in Sabah, and advocated for her travel to India for 6 months. This is her story.

Visit the SWEPA Barefoot Solar Project blog for more information:

TEDxKotaKinabalu Speaker

TEDxKotaKinabalu Speaker

Got invited to speak at an independently organized TED event “TEDxKotaKinabalu”, on the topic of media in society, how web media significantly impacts our everyday lives, and the constantly changing distribution platforms on the internet.


Film School

Spent a year studying film & video production at North Lake College in Dallas, Texas.



Freedom Film Festival 2015 – Best SEA Short Film Winner

Role: Sound Designer


A documented story of being stateless in Sabah.

In collaboration with Sabah Film Academy



December 2013

“A New Hope This Christmas” a charity Christmas album in support of Children Welfare Malaysia. [Support the cause: ]


Perform or Record as hired talent on a project basis.


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PSA Initiative

May 2013

“How To Vote in Malaysia?” a PSA initiative to help educate young adult Malaysians with information about Malaysia’s electoral polling day.


Produce, Direct and Edit small to medium scale video productions.


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Web Development

Web Development

October 2011

Provide professional web developing services, which include Web Design, Social Media Marketing and Consultancy.


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19 Sep

An improv challenge with some Malaysian dudes. Ming Han from The Ming Thing – Jiven from The Salad Show – Kyo from Kyopropaganda – Special thanks to Felicia Low for VO-ing the questions!

29 Mar

Trying pot a.k.a cannabis/ marijuana in Amsterdam, The Netherlands during my backpacking trip in 2016.

20 Sep

In this vlog, we summarize our entire Eurotrip and play a game of QnA to reminisce the wonderful weeks we had!

15 Sep

In this vlog, the Tambakau siblings restart again at Barcelona airport, explore Berlin’s history on foot, learn about the Berlin wall & visit the delectably notorious Bite Club Berlin.

13 Sep

In this vlog, Tish confesses her unfortunate circumstances, Adam meets Colin and hikes Montjuic, and the siblings reunite for a skating adventure around scenic Barcelona with local rollerblader Ivan.

12 Sep

In this vlog, we eat Spanish Paella, Adam visits Barcelona’s Camp Nou & Tish takes on a Spanish cooking class in Valencia.

2 Sep

In this vlog, we try Dutch-IndoMalay food, visit a day market, try legal pot a.k.a cannabis/ marijuana & bike around the beautiful city of Amsterdam.

30 Aug

In this vlog, things don’t always go according to plan. However, we befriend 1-Minute facebook vloggers NasDaily & Alyne.


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