Archive: June 2006

13 Jun

This wait is killing me…I haven’t even started packing.I should…but the sooner I start packing,the sooner I want to leave.Leaving it ’til this afternoon. Or tonight. Ahhh…Can’t even enjoy watching Fifa.I haven’t caught one full match yet…This sucks shyt.Argentina vs Serbia n’ Montenegro on Friday H. O. M. E.Peace

8 Jun

Fifa World Cup starts in a matter of hours,around 30 hours actually…Sucks how I won’t be able to catch many matches for a week.Not until I get back home. 7 more days! In exactly 7 more days from now,I’ll either be walking back from a school assembly,or on my computer…

5 Jun

Yes… 10 more days…’til touchdown in home soil.I’m glad, but I still hate the fact that I gotta wait 10 days!These 10 days are gonna be the longest 10 days ever.I just want it to be bed time,the sooner I get to bed, the sooner tommorow comes,and the sooner tommorow…

4 Jun

Friggin’ Hell,The internet has been on-off all weekend,can never enjoy a decent conversation on MSN or Skype.Gah… Saturday wasn’t as bad as last week.This time I was able to catch X-Men: The Last StandYes! Was just exciting,Even while I was sitting in the cinemawaiting for the previews to start… *spoilers*…