Archive: January 2013

17 Jan

Swedish House Mafia is on their “One Last Tour” and performs in Malaysia this Friday (18 January 2013). I couldn’t make it to their FINAL show :( so instead decided to do this video as a tribute to the music they’ve made and shared.

15 Jan

This is a repost of a video I uploaded 4 years ago back when I was still living in Australia and feeling more homesick than ever.

6 Jan

My 11 year old cousin Tania was around and I asked her if she wanted to play “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?”. Spontaneously we filmed this video about an hour before Tania had to leave for the airport.

3 Jan

2012 ended with the biggest bang I could ask for. 2012 in general had been a pretty eventful year. It began with DayGlo Melbourne – Australia’s biggest paint & musical event. Then the melancholy news of the passing of my 90 year-old grandmother. May her soul rest in eternal peace…

2 Jan

I recently accomplished what I thought may have seemed to be the impossible! Check out what I’ve been up to in the recent weeks. The fun, the sun, the pain and the struggle! Oh, and Happy 2013!