2 Sep

In this vlog, we try Dutch-IndoMalay food, visit a day market, try legal pot a.k.a cannabis/ marijuana & bike around the beautiful city of Amsterdam.

30 Aug

In this vlog, things don’t always go according to plan. However, we befriend 1-Minute facebook vloggers NasDaily & Alyne.

25 Aug

In this vlog, we journey on from Mondello to Palermo, walk around the ancient city of Catania, visit the stunning coastline of Taormina & wake up at the largest live active volcano in Europe — Mount Etna!

22 Aug

In this vlog, we arrive at the very south of Italy — Sicily. We get introduced to a extraordinarily warm AirBnB hostess, venture the seaside of Mondello Beach and take on a cave hunting exploration in search of the legendary Grotta dell’Olio.

21 Aug

In this vlog, we explore Florence, Italy. And when dreams, wishful thinking & reality collide, the quantic life takes over!

19 Aug

In this vlog, Tish finds her way to London and joins me while we embark onto our first destination: Italy. Molto bene!

17 Aug

In this vlog, I start my journey into London to kickstart an epic 5 week adventure travelling Europe equiped with a camera and a backpack!

12 Aug

The Tambakau siblings venture into Falls Creek Mountains in snowlands Victoria, Australia during the winter season of 2016.