Category: Family

20 Dec

My coming out story.

5 Dec

Do you want to come inside?

20 Sep

In this vlog, we summarize our entire Eurotrip and play a game of QnA to reminisce the wonderful weeks we had!

12 Aug

The Tambakau siblings venture into Falls Creek Mountains in snowlands Victoria, Australia during the winter season of 2016.

1 Jul

My sister Kye & I take on different Asian & Western English speaking accents.

19 Feb

A travel vlog & a creative challenge this week – to edit shot footage to 7 seconds or less in attempts to create a stimulating yet storyful vlog.

16 Jun

Travel vlog with Tish, Yvonne & Daniel on our visit to San Diego, California

8 Jun

Tish, Yvonne & I do the Sneezing Challenge on YouTube.