Countdown: 3 days

Do you see that! 3 days! Before I can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, I’ll be back home in Malaysia, or KK in fact! Can’t wait to smell the glorious KK air, and the warmth of the ocean breeze, and the minimum amount of flies compared to ozland! Omg, do you know how annoying the flies here are. They’re like friggin’ magnets, attached to your shirt/pants/hands/face/mouth, you name it. They’re everywhere! I wish there were more mosquitoes than flies, that’s how bad it is!

That is a fly, for all you ngong people who don’t understand what I mean. Yes, they are the worst creatures possible! We need to exterminate all of them! They are a threat to the human race!

This is what needs to happen! Squish it with all your speed and might. They deserve to die! Make sure you make them ooooooozzzeee!

OK, now that I got that out of my system, we can get onto brighter, and more happier thoughts. SAVE Concert is n wednesday, performing 2 songs (probably):

??? – ??? (Tesh asked me to take it off)
Tesh (Vocals), Danai (Cello), Adam (Piano)

Wake me up when September ends – Greenday
Vocals & Base (Adam), Guitar (Prin), Drums (Syafiq) [no, not KK syafiq…]

Wanted to do another one, but we weren’t ready, so its a no show. We were suppose to play In the end – The Living End. Very catchy song, was stuck in my head the whole weekend after our jam session on Saturday. Billy decided to make a video clip on it, which might be on display if I figure out how to upload videos and play them on xanga.

Anywayz, chemistry is down. Only 1 more exam to go. Maths Paper 2. Not too worried, gonna do a few revision questions tommorow and hopefully I’ll be set. Still feeling excited about the holidays.