To whom it may concern,
[teshah: i am not mad at you, so don’t write a comment asking why i’m mad at you]
OK, firstly – I cbf changing my site layout.
I’m not one of those – I need to change my layout so I can get more pageviews – people.
My opinion, blogs are for expressing yourselves through words and/or pictures. Letting go of your emotional stress and letting the whole world know what you want to say, be it subtly or obviously.
Well, decorations in layouts are not totally bad, but I just don’t see the point in making a new one. This one’s fine for the moment.

Anywayss, going out this weekend! Can’t wait. Getting out of this hole! Been stuck in school for four consecutive weeks. Yes, that means I haven’t been out for the last 3 weekends (4 if you count the weekend I arrived). It’s Ade’s birthday, and we gonna hv a chilled chill out session, pretty much. Need to get out for a bit, just need that little bit of “going-out”, if you know what I mean. Its just for a weekend, so its not much. Probably gonna slide back on work, but I’ll try to catch up along the week.

Can’t wait!