Nope, not ours.
MLC’s Yr 12 prom night happened last weekend.
Was invited…
…on a blind date!

Her name was Carolyn,
from Indonesia.
Jakarta, to be exact.
Lynn, the link between us, asked me to go just last Tuesday,
and I said yes, basically as an excuse to get to Melbourne.

Well, the prom was a blast…
It was quite a boring event, to be honest.
Sorry for being bland,
but it just dragged on for ages.
Each dish came every hour,
and we had 3 dishes.
Dancing was the only option while waiting for food.
You couldn’t even go outside!

Well, after the loooong wait, we went to an apartment
for an afterparty.
2 hours playing ‘I’ve never…’ with randoms ain’t fun.

Ended up sleeping at 4am and waking up at 8.30am.
Packed up and left the apartment at nine,
and headed back to Alex’s place.
Shower – Change – Rest – Nap

Sunday was a very Vietnamese day for me!
Haha… brunch, lunch, and dinner.
All Vietnamese food!
Mmm… yummy…!

This is making me hungry.
… my tummy…
I need food…

Pictures from the night will be posted
as soon as I get them!
– Embrace yourself –