So… here’s a story of my weekend:
(In the style of Joel Lee)

Friday Night
First tournament game of DotA that we organized was held tonight. Man, what a game. We were completed Owned! We were playing away so they had the upper hand of unlagginess. Couldn’t be helped… Then a time of “Omg! U lost?!?! U noob!” was to be expected! Hahaha…!

    Playing as Goalie Keeper today, as Mr. Bajer would say it. So glad I did! I don’t have to run, therefore I wouldn’t sweat and get smelly/dirty. And I was completely covered up from neck to toe, therefore only allowing my already gel-styled hair to get messed up, which I completely protected throughout the game. w00t! Good thing the opposition didn’t require our team’s goalie to save many goals (probably only once, I think).
    At 11.20, I rushed back to the house to get changed and to catch a cab with Billy & Arya. I got changed before they got back from soccer (which was around 11.30), and having only 10 minutes left to catch the train, I ran outside the house to look for a cab with a person less in it, to hitch a ride. Just when I was about to give up all hope, the Waldrons drives by, smiling, in a van with only 3 people. I flagged them, then asked whether they could give me a lift to the train station. Being the awesome family that they are, they instead offered to give me a ride to the city in that very spacious van of theirs! Special thanks to the Waldrons for saving me and hours wait (and $4.50 ^^”)
    Reached city, had lunch, bought a shirt, met up with people, then went back to Que’s to chuck my stuff at his place, seeing as I was to stay there for the weekend. Que was sick… awww… poor Que… he ended up sleeping the whole weekend! Anyway, met up with Steph and Rui for dinner, and were joined by Kat, Amanda and Tin, who only ended up spectating us while we were gobbling down all that food (duck rice).
    Later in the night, I seperated from the gang to join up with Tish, where I waited 30 freezing cold minutes for her to arrive fashionably late, as usual. I was too numb to be pissed off… We then headed to BLVD, where I found out that it costed about $15 bucks to get in, and being the cheap person that I am, instead decided not to go in, and head somewhere else to $AVE MONEY! Took me 30 minutes to get to Rui’s place, and spent approximately 4 minutes and 30 seconds (4 minutes playing O2Jam, 30 seconds starting up the game) and then left. Random, I know… Then caught the last tram back to Que’s place, to only regret the night not going to BLVD, whilst I hit the sack.

To be continued…


Sigh, I need to be adding pictures as well…
[Msg to Tish: Email me some pictures from the weekend!]

‘Til then