Fifa World Cup starts in a matter of hours,
around 30 hours actually…
Sucks how I won’t be able to catch many matches for a week.
Not until I get back home.

7 more days! In exactly 7 more days from now,
I’ll either be walking back from a school assembly,
or on my computer playing computer games,
waiting for time to fly by ’til I sit on that plane home.
Just really home sick still…

House is addictive.
I was wrong… there has been an exponential drama build up
I can’t keep my eyes off of it now.
I’m even starting to think, talk and act like him…
…or maybe its just my imagination.
For those of you whose never heard of it:
[Click Here]
Good show, worth watching.
Don’t know if the medical terms and analysis are all correct,
but you might learn one or two things by just watching this.