I have decided to change my layout banner as the name ‘Chaotic Coalesce’ didn’t really match what I portrayed in my day to day activities. What I have chosen, ‘My Life. My Journey. My Laughter.’, I feel is a better evocative phrase to describe my initiative. Don’t ya think?

Schools have regulations that are set by the government to protect students within the vicinity of the school’s boundaries. Rules such as no outside visitors and speed limits are set up to look after kids within school grounds.

For example, cars are usually required to ‘drive slowly’ as they approach school borders, in order to protect unaware kids that may be playing ball around the corner. Therefore, signs such as these are put around the precincts.

Also to protect the safety of many others, speed bumps are put around school roads for those who choose to defy the rules. Speed bumps are placed to force drivers to slow down around more dangerous areas.

These school rules are put up for a reason, and it is important that we do obey it.

So signs such as these…

… must always be obeyed!