In Australia, Schoolies is an event that is proposed to year 12 graduates who have just completed their high school careers and are ready for an extensive break filled with booze, partying, booze, music, booze, one-night stands…

And oh, did I mention booze?

Hosted in many different parts of Australia, kids use all they have and gather up their life’s savings just to join in the party which usually lasts up til two weeks, varying from different individuals.

In decision to do something different from the normal cliché schoolies event in Australia, 11 kids put their heads together to organize a holiday one would never forget.

Guts, gore, sweat and blood were shed in attempt to conjure a significant experience.

And hence,

The AZN Trip.

This trip consisted of a fun-packed holiday around South East Asia, homes and motherlands of most individuals participating within this trip. Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Krabi, Kota Kinabalu and Sipadan were the destinations that preceded our journey.

Participating in the vacation was

Me, Myra, Marissa, Steph, Lindy, Kat, Houngers, Amanda, Chandra, Arum, Dom

Not forgetting to mention late-comer (due to educational reasons) Joel.

Most of the girls started the trip in Singapore, whilst the most of the guys only joined up in KL.

KL was fun, but the real deal started in Thailand!

4 days in Bangkok. 4 days in Krabi.

Why Thailand you may ask?

To be continued…