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It sent goosebumps down my spine just listening to it on youtube.

From the moment she sang her first line of the song, everyone knew she would be back, in the running for the number one spot in UK’s Britain’s Got Talent; whereby the winner gets to perform in the Royal Variety Performance for her grand highness the Queen of England.

Months ago, I was awed by watching Bianca Ryan, an 11 year-old girl who went all the way and won America’s Got Talent.

Image taken from the-trades.com.au

Today, I stand corrected.

Music mogul Simon Cowell was so impressed by Connie’s performance, that he preliminarily agreed to sign her up to a seven-figure deal with his own record label, Sony BMG.

With some scouting I found out that Connie has never had any formal singing lessons. Instead, she has had to hone her skills on an $80 karaoke machine at home.

Now that is raw talent.