A shout-out to silentshouting_of_jess (no pun intended), a dear old friend of mine, who managed to dig into traces of history and find memories never worth forgetting. Click here.

Well I gotta admit, nothing’s been happening in my life lately. I’ve been mostly staying at home all day and night, either in front of the computer or the TV screen, with the exception of classes which has already ended 2 days ago.

I’m bored. All the time. In an ideal world, I would just be home studying and preparing 24/7 for my upcoming exams, but give me a break, I can’t do something like that. I just don’t have the brain capacity to do so.

So what do I do? Procrastinate.

Doesn’t everyone?

Well in order to keep my sanity and not fully evolve into a lonesome hermit, I find things to do that keeps me up and going.

Chatting on MSN is my only medium to the outside world.

Besides that, I sing.

From what I heard, singing generates generous amounts of oxygen, and is then taken into the body to stimulate the airflow of the voice. Excess oxygen stimulates the release of bodily chemicals such as endorphins. And (quote from the movie Legally Blonde), endorphins make people happy!

So Singing Adam = Happy Adam!

That’s possibly why my past few blog posts are acquainted with me and my voice trying to hold a note.

kissfromarose.jpgThe My Videos folder on my computer is packed with clips of me singing directly, or indirectly, to the camera.

Yea, I know. Sad.

But no. Not sad! Remember the equation: Singing Adam = Happy Adam!

Yes, so I’m still as happy as a rooster in a hen house.

Ok, maybe not too THAT extent, (or even to the literal translation of that metaphor), but you get what I mean.

Also remember, Singing Adam = Ugly Hairdo Adam!

Overall, I think I’ve made around 30 clips of me just singing. 6 songs (You do the maths on how many takes on a song I do!).

What fond memories this will become! Lol.

I have to find something that keeps me going, and THIS is what it is.

I bet you’re saying to yourself; “Omg, not another horrendous singing Adam clip again!”

But remember…