Just realised that the longer my posts are, the lesser comments I receive. Maybe I should stick to shorts posts…

Anyway, 1 week left until I’m done with exams! 10 days until touchdown in home soil!

I received another weeks worth of paid advertisement on my blog. Really happy about it. According to my stats counter, I receive about 50-60 average page views a day, and about 30-40 unique visitors. Not a bad start I guess.

So a shout-out goes to all my regular readers, thanks for supporting me and my blog!

Weather is cold, and it’s raining outside. How gloomy.

Guess what I bought during the weekend?

Childhood memories. I remember when I was in primary school, I would always go to this shop across the school after classes have ended and buy these yummy little snacks.

They taste so good, and once I start, I can barely keep my hands out of the bag. Mmm…

The were called Honeycomb Bread Balls in the store I got them in. Not sure if that’s the official name, but I remember what I used to call them as a kid…

… ball balls!