I have been tagged by Chinnee. I don’t usually do this kinda stuff, but I guess its proper etiquette to respond.

My name is Adam, surname Tambakau (aka AdamTam).
Eldest in the family, I come from KK, Sabah (school TTSS before moving to Melbourne).
Now staying in Melbourne.
My part-time business: Currently my only source of income is my blog.
Facilitates my computer 24/7.
Hobbies: Television and Sports.
Character: (inner) Kind, Thoughtful, Patient, Avoids Drama (outer) Nice, Shy, Casual
Love home-cooked food!

The final installment of Harry Potter, Deathly Hallows, was released on Saturday. Nothing short of a shower, and I was out and ready to buy myself a copy of the book. To no surprise, the line in front of popular bookstore, Border’s, was crowded to the point that the line led outside, and around four pillars before being able to enter the bookstore.

I couldn’t be bothered lining up, since I had just barely recovered from the fever I had the previous night, and found another bookstore, with no line, but an extra $5 to purchase the book (compared to Border’s). I wasn’t so fussed if I could avoid the line outside Border’s.

I bought my book and went back content with my purchase.

Not only that, Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix was released into cinemas only a week before the book was released, reigniting the fan-based flame of Harry Potter lovers world-wide.

If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s a recommendation by yours truly!

Besides the fact that top-sellers such as Transformers and Die Hard 4.0 were released within this time frame, I would have to say this movie installment of Harry Potter is the best Harry Potter movie installment thus far!

Oh, I forgot to mention that as I was towards the bookstore, I spotted something which told me that the Harry Potter craze is back.

Knight Bus? Close enough! Good marketing strategy I suppose.

I’m barely half way through my book. I’m taking my time with the book. After I’ve finished this book, there won’t be another Harry Potter installment to read. It’s a sad thought be we all knew all things must come to an end.

On the way back from classes today, to no surprise, I wasn’t the only one reading Harry Potter. Guess how many others there were?