Mount Kinabalu Park is one of Sabah’s big tourist attractions. Located around the base of Mount Kinabalu, tourists who have doubts about climbing the mountain can just enjoy the view from this park reserve.

Kinabalu Park is situated in Kundasang, a district whereby the locals rely on fruit and vegetables as a livelihood.

With its healthy crops and vegetations, there’s no wonder why Kinabalu Park is so well preserved.

My relatives from West Malaysia came down for a couple of days on holiday, and my mum decided to bring them up the hills. Stayed over for a night at a chalet, one which brought back nostalgic memories of my childhood, when family and friends used to go to Kinabalu Park together to enjoy a nice relaxing weekend.

We spent the night in front of the chimney fire, chatting with my relatives and indulging dips and marshmallows throughout the night. We also watched my cousin and nieces scourging destruction from room to room as they did what kids do best.

We also managed to fit in jungle trekking in the process. We started on an 8 minute jungle trail, and after about 15 minutes walking through, we realized we took a wrong route and ended up trekking for 40 minutes.

If you’re a tree hugger, then Kinabalu Park is the place for you. Despite the humidity within the vicinity, the vegetations were still an interesting sight. It’s like nothing you’d get in city or suburban areas.

We even managed to do a canopy walk across massively tall trees. I’m not that afraid of heights, but people within the group were stumbling across the sturdy delicate bridge.

Non of my family are big environmentalists, but just being in that environment sent messages across one can only understand through experience.

These hundred year old trees are monuments of nature’s survival.

Protect, love and respect them as if they were your own.

And above all, show how much you care for the whole world to know!