Over the last couple of days, I’ve kept myself busy backing up and uploading old archived posts onto this blog for future references.

In more ways than none, I am glad I manage to fit time into my life to type out key moments of my life – cringeworthy as it is.

The human mind is an exceptional tool, but only when utilized correctly. Going back through all my all posts, I realized that there were alot of things that I hadn’t specifically remembered, but given the right words and photographs that I had posted up, it catalyzed the recollection of the experience to a tee.

Its so good to be reminded of the simpler times.


Back in 2007, I had a strange obsession with cow testicles. Someone tell me why?!


The surprising thing I found was that by reading through my old xanga posts, I remember specifically the excitement and anxiety I felt while just blogging the experience. It’s like a double conumdrum – reminiscing on both the experiences taken in the photographs, and the experience of just writing it down.

I wish I did write down my childhood experiences in a diary. Unfortunately, the term “blog” didn’t exist back then and I was solely using the internet to look up Pokemon cheat codes.


My first blogged “hover hand” experience. No idea what that is? Google (images) that shit!


It is quite sad that I didn’t get to save the blog entries I made from 2007 onwards. I could’ve sworn I saved my entries in *.doc format on my backup hard drive, but upon inspection, all I had were the photos.


But I guess as they say, pictures are worth a thousand words!

I’ve now learnt to send email backups of my wordpress profile for future references. They say things that go up on the internet will stay online forever. Unfortunately, I have learnt that this isn’t always the case the hard way after 5 server migrations in the recent 2 years.



On a different note, I’m gonna be chilling at ALUMBRA tonight. EVA SIMONS will be performing live!!!


Truthfully, I’ve never heard of EVA SIMONS up until 2 weeks ago when LAURA LOE revealed that she would be opening her show.


This is actually the first time I’ve looked her up on Google. Definite eye-candy to look forward to tonight!


“I want you to take over control… take over control… take over contro-o-oL~”

If it wasn’t for Australian radio, I would’ve never recognized that chorus.


Eva Simons (born April 27, 1984, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands) is a Dutch recording artist. She first came to public attention in 2004 after winning the Dutch version of the reality TV contest Popstars as part of the short lived girlband Raffish. In 2009 the singer embarked on a solo career after a recording of her first single, “Silly Boy”, leaked and gained popularity on the Internet. ***


I know a majority of my readers are from Melbourne. So if the combination of being “free, bored and looking for excitement” comes into context, come by to ALUMBRA @ DOCKLANDS tonight and hang out. I shall be chilling outside by the BBQ & Seisha pit!



*** Eva Simons – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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