Make-up is to girls, and the hair is to guys. I’ve been told this numerous times, and funny as it is, its true.

Think about it. Guys don’t have make-up to put on unless they’re willing to look like drag-queens, so the only sense of vanity is their hair.

From the long-haired to the bald, guys tend to change their hairstyles more often than girls. Basically, guys have more versatility with their hair than girls do.

Well, that is how I see it anyway.

For me, the worst part about the hair is the in-between stages. The part when its neither long nor short.

It’s not long enough to count it as fashionably cool. Nor is it short enough to style it nicely.

There’s a big difference between styled hair and unstyled hair.

I’ve got thick bushy hair sprouting from the top of my head. When I go to the hairdressers, the barber would always leave a remark (or complain) that I have too much hair, and that it takes twice as long to cut it compared to other people.

It’s easy to tell when I’ve reached the in-between stage of my hair. You’ll just see me with a cap all the time, especially when I’m out of the house.

I’ll go to classes with a cap. Lunch with a cap.

Public transport with a cap.

Dinner with a cap.

Sports with a cap. Gym with a cap. Beach with a cap.

Driving with a cap. Having coffee with a cap.

Karaoke with a cap. On the phone with a cap.

Even clubbing with a cap.

Partying with a cap. At home with friends with a cap.

Not forgetting to mention cooking with a cap.

Over time, it may even seem that the cap has slowly fused into my hair follicles and has actually become my hair.

The problem lies with it being in Melbourne. Decent haircuts cost AUD$30 per cut, which is approximately RM80.

RM80 for I freakin’ haircut is a LOT of money! Think about all the kon lao mian I could have!

So I stick with the cap.

The only time I take it off, is when I get home and I’m alone. Alone from the frantic insecurities of others looking at my ugly head of bushy black stuff.

When I leave the house with a cap, I never take it off. Wanna know why?




Cause hat hair is 10x worse than the in-between stages of my hair.