Once again, Mister Mode brought the house down last weekend with the final 2011 installment of its Fashion Night Market series – with no surprise as it received ample compliments from everyone who attended.

Blessed with a fantastic team, the Mister Mode Summer Fashion Night Market was the most successful event held to date!

If you chose to skip the event because you were afraid to get a little wet from the drizzle of rain, then you definitely missed out on one of the best affordable events of the year. All I can say is – too bad your loss!

Before photos emerge on Facebook showcasing the best of Melbourne’s Fashion Night Market, AdamTam.com proudly presents behind the scenes footage of our setting, the setup and just a snippet on what may be your biggest regret of the year!

Welcome to Oak Place, South Yarra – venue for Mister Mode Summer Fashion Night Market.

The warehouse – stalls separated into two levels.

A stage for the upcoming live music that took place all night.

A night out is never complete without a bar!

Overlooking the market.

Mister Mode CEO and Founder, Tish Tambakau, and Cheif Marketing Officer, Daniel Villalobos.

Stallholders began setup at around 4pm.

The market slowly being pieced together.

Alot of moving of crates and boxes.

Setting up the upstairs level of the warehouse.

Overlooking the market from upstairs.

A variety of stalls for both men and women were scattered throughout the floor.

There was even a food stall selling sandwiches, potato salad and pumpkin pie all available individually or in combo!

4 seprate bands shuffled on and off the stage every hour, providing engaging entertainment for both shoppers and stallholders alike, followed by a DJ that rocked the night away.

And to top it off, sponsored bottles of Rekordelig and an endless supply of 28 Black energy drink was provided for free throughout the entire night to keep everyone pumped while they shopped ’til they dropped!

Mister Mode Summer Fashion Night Market ran from 6pm ’til Midnight.

Packing up as we watched the last of the crowd shuffle away.

By the end, everyone’s enthusiams and excitement was overcome by exhaustion and fatigue. As everyone left, we huddle up and congratulated ourselves for the epic event that just happened! All while enjoying the remainding sandwiches and energy drinks that was left unconsumed.

‘Til next time Mode Troopers.


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