This is a story about how my day started off like this…

… to ending up like this.

Let me explain…

Saturday the 4th of February marked the day of the Melbourne DayGlow Festival.

DayGlow is a newly established music festival renowned to be “The World’s Largest Paint Party”.

Now your thinking “Ah, that explains the rainbow unicorn jizz covered photo above!” “No wonder your covered in paint!”

DayGlow 2012 was held at the Melbourne’s Flemington Racecourse.

To cater for the thousands of attendees, a gargantuan tent was put up in the middle of the grounds.

Rocking up at 4pm, I was pumped and ready for an afternoon of paint, music and celebrations.

Nothing prepared us for the visual celebration that followed.

Everybody was covered in neon bright paint.

People were running around and shouting screams of excitement as shooters armed with paint bottles targetted their next victims.

It took only seconds before I was greeted with ‘friendly’ hugs and pats by strangers I would probably smack the living daylight out of if it weren’t for DayGlow that I greeted with a hearty smile.

We had VIP tickets, and VIP entrants were given a bag with a token for a free bottle of paint and a T-shirt that read Music Is My Drug.

Bottles of paint was purchaseable for $10 each. Bloody expensive if you ask me!

So I supressed my desire to become the next Picasso and let my body become a canvas of artistry.

People were just so willing to squirt their fluids everywhere.


Awkward phrases aside, everything happened so quickly.

With the doof doof  playing in the background, the music soon took over my body like a trance.

On stage there were paint canons that sent explosions of paint upon musical climax.

The festival was seperated into two sections; indoors and outdoors.

Paintbottles were restricted outside, but it didn’t matter. Everyone was already covered in juice.

An outdoor DJ booth continued playing to cater the a chillout session.

The water-based paint wiped off as easily as it stuck on

The festival went on until nightfall.

As the sun slowly set and darkness took over, the laser lights gleamed brighter into the night.

The arena stayed packed to the brim as the people waved their hands frantically in the air to the music.

The main stage was glorified by the names of The Stafford Brothers, Bombs Away, Timmy Trumpet, Sebastian Morxx & many more.

In my five years since turning 18, this was the first music festival I ‘ve attended.

Loud music and head bopping had never been something I thought I’d enjoy, but coupled with the presence of an amazing group of people, it turned out to be pretty legendary!

Its general knowledge that music festivals are normally accompanied with illegal supplements.

Here’s proof that you can still have fun without the need to pop pills! I have never and will never condone such behaviour.