I am a 24 year old Malaysian, and it’ll be my first time voting! This is what I learnt about the Malaysian voting day process.

5th May 2013 is VOTING DAY.

After getting feedback in the comments, I realised that some steps were misinformed or changed in this years General Election. Updates listed below:

1) On polling day, no campaigning is allowed. Any “campaign party” outside the school is actually illegal. Information should be collected during the campaigning period (that ends at 11:59pm the night before voting day).

2) There are 2 places where your IC will be checked. First, when you enter the school gate, through “barung agent”. They will tell you which “saluran”, or which classroom to go to. Then at the classroom itself is the 2nd check.

3) Indelible ink is painted on the LEFT hand index finger

4) A second official election agent, AFTER presenting your IC, will paint your finger with indelible ink.

5) If you make a mistake on the ballot paper, you can ask for ONE (last) replacement.

Thank you for all you’re feedback! Every piece of information is invaluable and truly informative.

Official Malaysian Election Portal: http://pru13.gov.my


Can’t watch the video? Read about it at http://howtovotemalaysia.org/

Tidak faham? Langkah-langkah mengundi boleh dibaca di http://pru13.gov.my/default.pengundi.00.post5.php (MALAY)

Check your registration & your voting location: http://daftarj.spr.gov.my
or SMS: “SPR Semak [Your IC number]” to 15888

Voting halls opens from 8am – 5pm on May 5th 2013

Tweet #GE13 to share you’re opinions!


Malaysian Voters’ official resources:

First-time Voters’ resource:

Can’t make up your mind on who to vote for? Check out these links:
– http://www.malaysiakini.com
– http://www.google.com.my/elections/ed/my/home
– http://www.undi.info
– https://www.facebook.com/JomBalikUndiMalaysia
– Read up on instant updates by following twitter hashtag #GE13

Help a fellow Malaysian fly home to vote:

If you are not a voter for GE13, you can do the next best thing: help a Malaysian who can’t meet the cost of travelling home to vote in East Malaysia. To donate, email your details to donate@komas.org or via http://tinyurl.com/komas-donate

More information on Postal Voting: http://myoverseasvote.org/2013/01/28/myoverseasvote-and-global-bersih-call-on-overseas-malaysians-to-vote-in-the-13th-general-election-and-press-the-ec-to-allow-postal-voting-observers/

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“AirAsia X launches Fly Home To Vote promo”

*DISCLAIMER: Some scene representations are exaggerated & fictional, and any political references are purely coincidental.


Cast & Crew:
Fiq Tingkalus
Nof Harold
Alvin Wong
Peter Chau
Jason Tay
Eric Teo
Adrienne Teo

Special Thanks to Maktab National for letting us use the school for filming