I’ve actually been itching to tell you guys this for quite some time, so here goes… I’M MOVING TO DALLAS!!

Well its really hard to compress months of thought and planning into a short video for YouTube. I missed out some keypoints I wanted to address in the video. With that, I’ll just fill you in on the rest of what I wanted to say here in the description.

(Just a heads up, the video pretty much explains everything I want you to know. The part below is just if you want to be filled in with more detail). So here goes…

At the end of 2012, I made a bold decision to quit my job and return home to live with my parents. After having spent a good decade living away from home, I felt I owed it back to mum and dad to share the time they had given me to gain my independence by trying my best to give back to them. During that time, with a sudden abundance of time to spare, I discovered the joy I found in film-making. Outside of what you see here on YouTube, I’ve gotten involved in countless workshops, dabbled in radio & tv hosting, edited video commercials and even filmed a potentially life-changing documentary. Having realised all this, I believe it motivated me to seriously reconsider my own dreams and goals — which is why I’ve chosen to go back to school, invest my time in film and learn about this intriguing industry I’ve only barely touched the surface on.

I mentioned in my video that I will be going to the US next month, but I didn’t say for how long. That’s because I actually don’t know. My course in studying film will go on for 2 years, but I’m not gonna let that mean I’ve only got 2 years to learn as much as there is to know about film. I’m optimistic with the opportunities that will come, and will keep my mind and heart open for any doors that may open up to me in that amount of time.

YouTube has always been a way for me to connect with friends from across the globe. As my channel grew so did its audience, and what were once videos made for friends suddenly became videos made for the fans. Deciding what goes online and what doesn’t also became a more difficult choice. Sometimes I felt uncomfortable with showcasing the more personal videos, other times I wanted to share every moment of my world on YouTube. Yet there were always these questions I would ask myself over and over again, “Why do I want to share it, and what I hope to accomplish from it?”

Because I haven’t been uploading onto YouTube in the last few months, I know its ironic that I’m uploading a video to tell you guys that I may not be uploading for a little bit more. However contrary to that, what I’m trying to say is that I believe this video is an opportunity for me to express to you that my need and desire to connect with you guys has actually grown stronger. I truly hope that I get to express it with more quality content in the future.

I’m still yet to answer my own recurring question of Why and What, but I guess I’ll be exploring that in the videos to come. In all honesty, the uncertainty ahead is like an adrenaline rush to my soul, and I am more than excited to take you along that adventure with me. Before this video ended abruptly, I was just going to say Thank you for just clicking that subscribe button and joining me here on my YouTube channel. You guys don’t know how much that truly means to me :)

Much love,
Adam Tambakau