CaSiNo NiGhTt!!

Cuthy Year 11 Dinner ~ Saturday night – Theme: Casino Night ~


It was awesome, everybody started with around 10 chips each, and we just gamble all night. 3 tables were set up: Roulette – Poker – BlackJack

Matron also conjured up the best meal, which she spent the whole day cooking! There was steak, rice, chicken, salmon, salad + DESERTS! (Although I didn’t get any desert -_____-“)


Anywayz, here are some pics:


Me & Rumsy


Before dinner “Couple Photo”


Teaching her how to play…


Houngaz & Lindy


Roulette, anyone?


Don’t even know how to play this…


Clean up time…




That’s about it from the weekend.


Next day went to Melb for tesh’s birthday. I’m guessing she’ll update pics and everything on her xanga soon enough:


\Signing Out\




Lol, needed to show this. It’s the end of the month, which means the end of friendster’s “who’s viewed me” counter.

Most views I’ve ever had. I feel loved… *smirks*