Hmm… weekend’s over which means a new week of school. Weekend was good fun, haven’t had a chilled one for ages. Reminds me of those good ol’ days

Watched 2 movies; Into The Blue and The Transporter 2. Into the blue was good, Jessica Alba is so daaaammmnn fiiinee! Finally get to see a decent movie after all this time. The transporter wasn’t good, storyline was shyt as! Action was pretty cool, but really fake! The only cool thing about this movie was the place we watched it in. We sat in a room with like 15 bean bags, where u can choose to sit on anyone. It was called the ‘Half Pipe’. Weird but cool!


Signing out,

Above, when I said that we could sit on anyone, I mean to say that we could sit on anyone of the bean bags… lolz