Rules of the Game:

Post 5 weird and random facts about yourself, then at the end, list the names of 5 people who are next in line to do this. Also leave a post on their Xanga to let these people know.

Tagged by: Yu Jun

1. I am a nice person, and hate being nice =P
2. I love to eat egg on rice + bouvril (otherwise known as egg and bouvril)
3. I am currently eating Nasi Goreng which I bought in Melbourne last night.
4. I love to sing, although I have a bad voice -____-“
5. I hide a lot of things inside of me (not literally) that nobody knows

random enough? (probably not)

I tag: Tesh, Jasmine, Joey, Dini & Javier (I don’t think he has a blog! Haha!)


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So I’m not that nerdy… hmmm…. @_@