Currently listening to ‘Catch Your Wave – The Click Five’
It’s a very typical pop song
ones that you don’t get that much anymore

Weekend’s over
Spent Saturday in my room
on the computer from lunch ’til 3
  – Then decided to play hockey with joel
I might be doing hockey as a winter sport this year
That’s if the school allows a change of sport
Coz I’m already enrolled into soccer

Sunday – Laser Wars
Yep, that’s right!
Real life ‘Counter-Strike’, as you may say it
Both games ended up as the 2nd top scorer
Which is pretty good – smirks*

Haven’t posted pictures in a while
Here are only 3 from the weekend
Didn’t get anymore photographs taken

(Left) Dom – readying for some lazer action
(Mid) Ian – getting ready to lala but was too late
(Right) Joel – Acting all cool and ‘Jay Chow’-ish (probably imitating me!)

Oh, this is the birthday boy (belated)
Forgot to mention
This Sunday outing is dedicated to him!
And becuase he’s the b’day boy
He gets shotgun in the front of taxi!
Give me a w00t w00t!

Lunch at a Japanese Restaurant
Sushi 8
My T-shirt looks too small – eyukz*
This was after lazer wars
Everybody was sweating like a pig!

That’s all the pix I have, bleh!
Have a Happy Easter everyone!
I know I will!