Archive: May 2006

31 May

Watched the movie yet?Read the book?Now it’s time to watch this:[Click Here] Meant more for people who understand Singlish,English viewers might not understand as clearly…Have fun, and enjoy! Peace

31 May

Today, just before soccer,as I was putting on my socks,I felt a sudden jolt upon my toe.It didn’t hurt or anything, it just felt uncomfortable. So I took off my sock again,only to find my toe nail coming offYES, literally!Half of it is still stuck onto my toe,the other half……well…

29 May

Firstly, FIFA WORLD CUP ’06Countdown: 10 days Also, it’s the time of the term again, when I count down my daysuntil I get on that plane back home! Countdown begins: 17 days Yes, that’s right. Just 2 weeks and 3 days left……sigh…can’t wait…But I still gotta keep my head into…

28 May

Today’s been so much better than yesterday!…phew… Well, I’ve discovered a new thing to do if you’re feeling bored,it’s called the Cursor Avoider. [Click Here] Rule of the game, avoid the man from catching your cursor.Enjoy! Peace

27 May

Have you ever had one of those days where the world is just against you? I think I just had one of those days today. Everything just went all wrong… quote from Kat, “If today is bad, tommorow will be good.” All I can do now is cross my fingers…

25 May

Wow, Australia beat the EuroCup champions, Greecein a friendly, which ended up in a 1-0 win to Australia.Australia’s not actually that bad.They have a good chance in making it past the group stages……maybe…Their in the group with Brazil, Japan and Croatia.Brazil is definitely making it past round 1,therefore allowing either…

24 May

For those noodle lovers out there,And even for those who don’t,You have to watch this! Cyanide & Happiness @

24 May

Here’s the next bit about my weekend: Sunday    Woke up at around 10-ish. Que was still feeling sick, this morning he totally lost his voice. So by 11.30, after getting ready, he decided to go see the doctor. He came back from the doctor’s at 12.30, and said that he…