Here’s the next bit about my weekend:

    Woke up at around 10-ish. Que was still feeling sick, this morning he totally lost his voice. So by 11.30, after getting ready, he decided to go see the doctor. He came back from the doctor’s at 12.30, and said that he was to take the medicine that would make him drowsy again, then go to sleep. I was to meet Chan Su Mei in Melbourne Central for lunch. So, after leaving Que’s apartment, headed towards Melb C to meet Steph, Sumei and Lluefer (in that specific order) for lunch. Daphne decided to join us as well. Went to ChiliPadi for some Malaysian food, and then we all split up after lunch.
    Then met up with Tish, and joined her for her lunch. I didn’t eat anymore, was too full. Just sat around. Was suppose to go to Planet Shakers thingy with Ian, but Tesh wasn’t feeling to well… so instead I decided that we watch a movie instead. The Da Vinci Code. It wasn’t as bad as I expected, considering the reviews and all. I’d give it a B rating. Definitely worth a watch, but I don’t see myself going back to watch it again anytime soon.
     Then after the movie, Tesh had her own things to do, so I went back to Que’s to get changed. Got changed, and left the house at around 11 to join Tesh for a few drinks. It was a chilled night, enjoyed my time out. Hush > Cookie > Hungry Jacks > Pepperoni’s. Well, Hungry Jacks and Pepperonis were fast food outlets, the first two were pub/clubs.
    Reached home at 3am, and went to bed.

Woke up with a slight hangover. Wasn’t too bad, just felt a little dizzy still. My mouth was dry all morning, so I had to get up every hour from 7 to get a drink of water. Had lunch in the city, and then went to Starbucks with Tish where we met this random American/Asian/Jamaican dude from San Francisco. Nice guy, named… can’t remember his name ^^” Anyway, we had a chat, then he left and Que came. Then we went to buy tuck, and then we caught a taxi to the train station. The train we took had one of those Harry Potter carriages, which was really exciting. Reached school 10 mins late, and missed my duty assembly session. Took an early night ^^

Ok, I just sumed up Sunday and Monday to something short and simple. No detail… good weekend really. Quite a few exciting things happened, which I did not explain, due to my laziness to type it out. And also, I know nobody could be bothered to read all of it anyway…

I’ve gotta post up something entertaining soon…