Hahaha… It’s really funny to see what happens after a whole day of ‘blog’ drama. Been going back to that angel_love_xoxo website from time to time yesterday, and reading other people’s post about the conflict that is happening. Well, unlucky me to be the ‘guinea pig’. After what everybody’s gone through, I checked back in today just to find that most of the posts about the conspiracy have been deleted in one way or another. Lol.

Anyway, on a different note,
It’s nice to see someone close to you accomplish a 40 day task, despite all the persuasion and criticism. Congratulations to Ian Ng for successfully finishing Lent. What he decided to take away from his life for 40 days may seem like rubbish to another, but it definitely shows his determination in being a solid Christian. Ian did not touch DotA for 40 days. The catch is ALL his friends did. Respect, man. Respect. We played a welcome back game for him last night. Although he lost, he ended his night saying, “I feel the urge to play more. That’s a good sign of dota coming back. Slowly…” Haha, welcome back Ian!

Melbourne Uni people are coming to school after classes. It’s time for me to do more research for next year again.