I think it’s an OZ term.
Its basically a cheese sandwich,
made in a jaffle machine.
You know those sandwich makers you use at home,
Making thos crispy edges that you like.
Yea… those ones.
Mmm… I just had one,
Deee – liii – siiii – ussss!

Usually my jaffle is a mix of
Cheese + Tomato Sauce + Pepper.
That’s the usual I have during recess.
Just finished a piece,
but still feeling hungry…

Well, I had this conversation with Kat last night,
how most guys have a faster metabolism rate compared to girls.
I’m one of them.
Seriously, I try to be fat.
Like during the holidayz,
I force myself to eat Ice-Cream & Gelato every night!
[Gelato: Italian Low-Fat Ice Cream]
Gelato is still fattening tho, just a lil’ less fat than ice-cream.

Hmm… I lost my train of thought…
Oh well…