Guess what? I’ve graduated! Even before completing my examinations! Lol…

The weekend is over. My Valedictory Dinner (graduation dinner) and Speech Day (graduation day) was held over the weekend. It was fun, but nothing really exciting happened. Nothing out of the usual.

Which makes blogging all the more harder!

Anyway, my Valedictory Dinner was good fun. For the first time ever, I had a parent present accompanying me at one of my house occasions/functions. I feel loved.

Mum arrived in Melbourne last Wednesday and is leaving this Wednesday. Got to spend a little bit of time with her before my exams, which was good and relaxing. I’m really glad mum came; she also got to experience a little bit of what I’ve experienced here over the last three years. House Functions. School Assembly. and Chapel.

I had to give out a speech on the night of my graduation dinner. Being vice-captain of my house this year, I was asked to give a short summary on half the year group in the house, whilst the house captain gave the other half. A few manglish accented words could be heard in my speech, which was discomforting. Other than that, I was told it was good, and received a couple of nice ‘thank-yous’ from friends, which made me feel good about myself.

Gifts were handed out soon after, where all the students received a book [[Music Be the Rustic Muse: A Selection of Poems by J.L. Cuthbertson]], and a pair of cuff lets, with the initials CH (Cuthbertson House) on them.

Don’t have picture of cuff lets as mum has them and are bringing them back to Malaysia.

After speeches were spoken, and gifts handed out, we took a group photo in remembrance of Cuthy House Valedictorians 2006.

We also did the traditional Cuthy Hakkah, in our suits!

That ended the excitement of the night. Went back and got ready for Speech Day the following day.

We had to attend Chapel in the morning. Well, we didn’t exactly have to, but my mum insisted that we go, so she could pray for me for my exams. As a result, my mum experienced her 90 minute chapel service for the very first time.

Speech Day was just as boring. Another 90 minute presentation of speeches, prizes and hand shakes to all of the year 12s that attended. My mum and sister were sitting right at the back, and told me after that they literally fell asleep throughout the ceremony! What a bummer…

I’m now also an honorary member of the Old Geelong Grammarians association, where I’ll be able to ‘keep in touch’ with old mates, if ever you lose contact of them. Guess it’s good for the networking. It comes with a free tie.

Anyway, now begins my journey into the mind-boggling experience of the IB examinations. In exactly 10 days, I will begin my first paper; Chinese. Mixed emotions are running through my veins, and I’ve nothing but to feel excitement on the day itself.

Hari Raya begins tomorrow. To all who celebrate it out there; Selamat Hari Raya. My dad and sisters are going to balik kampung (village) to celebrate Aidilfitri. How lucky of them. I haven’t celebrated this occasion for over three years now. How glad I am that school is finally ending and I will be able to gain independency outside this place.

3 more weeks and counting, and already I’ve got stars in my eyes.