Religion is a controversial thing that has brought on about many epidemics in modern times. There are countless religions in this world, from ones who worship nature, to ones who worship God, and even ones who worship self-proclaimed kings. Though confusing in many ways, people choose to believe in their faith usually according to social or cultural backgrounds, which make religion a hard thing to pursue.

Personally, I believe religion is a way to find spiritual enlightenment, as many of you may agree. Not the type of where I meditate all day, humming to a distant sound in my head; just more of a belief that there is something greater and more significant that what we are, having a power to manipulate our very being.

Every other Friday, a friend of mine holds a gathering at the school Chapel for those willing to participate in some songs, prayers and worships. Ever since it first started, the group has grown into a rather successful occasion whereby people, be it friends or just acquaintances, turn up for spiritual lifting.

Some people ask me, “But aren’t you a Muslim?”

Yes, I am. I am a born Muslim. But I do not let that fact control my entire life. Though I do have faith in my religion, I have my own view on things. Sitting in that chapel with friends and just listening to them testify to things lifts my spirit in many ways.

They call this gathering the Christian Fellowship.

I think I know what you’re thinking…

No. It’s not the Fellowship of the Ring.