I’ve heard people saying that Malaysian Airlines is going broke and that they have to cut back on production costs because they don’t have enough people using their services.

I don’t know. The check-in line here at the airport is as long as from here to Timbuktu!

But thanks to my trusty Enrich Silver card, I got to cut the massive line and jump straight to the front. Score!

I’m now bored as hell, sitting in a dodgy corner eating fries in Mc Donald. I keep getting awful dodgy glances by this lady in front of me.

She’s probably thinking to herself, “What a loser!”


I don’t have the nifty free internet wireless connections her that you get in KLIA, so I’m stuck to only posting this tomorrow morning when I arrive back home.

Yes that’s right! I’m flying home tonight (or yesterday, considering I’m only going to post this up when I reach in KK tomorrow morning).

No worries though, I’ve got my fries to keep me company.

Yes, I love you too fries.

Well, the last few days in Melbourne have been a blast!

Not because I’ve been partying my ass off or anything (which I literally have not!), but the fact that the exams are over and I’m worry-less ‘til the start of next year.

…when my results are released.

I’ve already got plans of upgrading this blog into something new over the holiday, hopefully turning it into something greater that may indulge your overwhelming fullness of boredom.

I won’t mention anything else at the moment, but I will assure you it will make life a whole lot easier, for me and for you.

So embrace yourself for a journey of another.

This is Lluefer. Lluefer is addicted to Smallville. He could not get the box open, so he attempted to do it his own way.

The parodies of my life will not go to waste, you hear me?

It will not.