I just realised how nostalgic I’ve been over the last couple of days. It really shows with the melancholic titles and expressions I use in my posts. True that it may be a bit boring, compared to all my older stuff, but this is what I am facing in my life’s routine and as a fact, I have only one more week left here before what’s left of this place will only be nostalgic memories to me.

One of my closest friends here in school leaves today. Lucky bastard!

Don’t know if it’ll ever be the same after this. Sure, he will still be staying in Melbourne next year. Sure, I may still see him around. But the bond we form whilst at this place creates a greater sense of loss once we get out.

So I’ll be dedicating this post to him.

Thanks for those endless games of Warcraft we play every night during the exams.

Thanks for the movies you lent me in times of boredom.

Thanks for those pointless arguments that made life here all the more interesting.

Thanks for sharing the same taste in music.

Thanks for the countless use of my mirror.

Thanks for being a great friend.

Thanks for making my life here at Cuthy a most memorable one.

Thank you…

Captain Cuthy
[Jubbin Grewal]